Amy (abstinence) wrote,

In my life

my mom came home around 8 30. Disconnected my phone line outside. Ha. She use to do this all the time, I have learned how to reconnect it. At night it is difficult though. She somehow found out I had been gone last night. I told her I was taking a walk. She told Janet not to come tomorrow. She was pissed about my hole in the wall. Oh well. I cried. And cried. And left on a walk to meet John. -sigh- That got really messed up. Anyways. I went to the store. Came back. My mom said she had gone out looking for me. I went to sleep. Woke up. Walked by her room. She said "goodnight Amy" acting as if she wasn't being a total bitch all night. I ignored her. Went back to bed. She walks in and all concerned asks if I "bought anything" at the store. Ha. I know better now than to od on otc pills. Silly. While we were fighting I was getting other ideas. If I left here though, I would have to die. I couldn't be like that. It is all or nothing. Today has been horrible.
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