Amy (abstinence) wrote,

Tina Listerina: ;\
Nude Painting: ;/
Pretty tears: =\
Nude Painting: =/
Pretty tears: :\
Nude Painting: :/
Pretty tears: 0:\
Nude Painting: 0:/
Pretty tears: =o\
Nude Painting: =o/
Tina Listerina: k stop
Tina Listerina: :D
Nude Painting: D:

Hehehe. Today I slept in as late as possible. It is "vegetable" day. I don't really care for a lot of vegetables. What I DO love though is peppers like green red and yellow ones, cooked in this little basket on a grill, but only my dad does that. So I had some lettuce and a half a cucumber and the soup junk, which should do me over until tomorrow. You are suppose to be "allowed" a baked potato with butter for dinner.. I was like wtf. I will skip it. I hate the attitude my mom has about it all. She is already planning on preparing a feast the day it is over. Disgusting.

I have no idea where everyone is. Oh well. I need to go work out. Once I can pull myself away from the oh-so-exciting aol life. That shouldn't be too hard.

Alright well I may write later if I have anything to write about.

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