Amy (abstinence) wrote,

So yesterday afternoon, after looking into it for a few days, I decided to give my keyboard a bath. According to numerous people, it is dishwasher and bathtub safe. I figured the worst thing that could happen is it will break and I won't have a keyboard until I go to my dad's this weekend. So I fill up the tub a bit, and put the keyboard in, without the cord of course. All this shit was coming out of it, dust, candlewax, hair, fingernail clippings (I do my nails over my desk..always wondered where those went)So about 2 years of yucky stuff. It got very clean. I decided to speed up the drying process with a hairdryer. I felt so smart, it was drying SO fast, and everyone I talked to had said to make sure it was completely dry before using it again, that it would take hours. So I am drying away, pressing the nozzle to the keys, then pulling it away moving all over the keyboard. I was looking at my enter key, which looked a bit deformed, and sort of laughed to myself at how much it had been through, me using it so much. Then I looked at a few other keys, not paying much attention, thinking, wow these keys are really worn down...looked harder..they were melting! Half of my keys had melted into deformed shapes, the letters on the keys all crooked. I was like HOLY SHIT. So I plugged it back in anyways, just to see if maybe it would work. It made these mean beeping noises at me and would mix up letters. So that was it for that. This morning I stole my brother's keyboard and am using it for today.
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