Amy (abstinence) wrote,


Mr Abercrombie69: hey
Mr Abercrombie69: whats up
Pretty tears:
Mr Abercrombie69: i saw your livejournal icon
Mr Abercrombie69: you are way hot
Mr Abercrombie69: wanna cyber or something?
Pretty tears: Hahaha
Pretty tears: No thanks
Mr Abercrombie69: Damn
Mr Abercrombie69: wanan see my cock?
Pretty tears: Nope.
Mr Abercrombie69: do you liek sucking on cocks
Pretty tears: Nope
Mr Abercrombie69: im so horny..can i rock ur little cunt
Pretty tears: Nope
Mr Abercrombie69: You are no help then BYe!
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rofl- what in God's name is wrong with
people on the Internet these days? Good grief :\
lmao...Mr Abercrombie? Hah, i'd think you wouldv'e sensed something was wrong with that guy from the moment you saw his SN.

Ameeh, i am your only CS buddy. Never forget that. =P
LOL Linds<33
poor amy =x iLu