Amy (abstinence) wrote,


Hey, what do you know, I'm alive. New journal: Applebuddy
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great to see you back, sweetie. :)
Hey girl!!! Sorry, I don't have that screen name anymore..So I never got the email..then I was checking my friends list thing, and saw you, I was like, WOAH! Lol =] How've you been? (any reply to this I won't get, so just reply in my other one) <33 missed you!
can you take me off your friends list? thank you <3
join ;giraffecheese because who doesn't like giraffes and cheese?!
i like ur journal name.. add me as a friend? I'm actually in an abstinence club at my school. u rock!
Hey my names Marisa, im 11, add me to your buddy list if you like. Im just starting my journal so i dont have entries but im planning on making some soon. talk to you later maybe! :) <3
hey, you don't know least i don't think. but the reason that i found you is actually kind of wierd. i just typed in the word abstinence in the username category (maybe that's trying to tell me something) but anyways, i was reading your interests and i found them really...interesting, seems like we have some stuff in common. write back if you'd like.
Hello, the angel from my nightmare.
If you have time, please could you answer this survey and encourage anyone else who suffers to do the same. It will take approx 5 minutes and would help me greatly, thankyou.