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I think, therefore I am

I was thinking about fork-in-the-road stuff. I got this journal on February 13th. I went into the livejournal chat room and asked for a code. To my surprise (Matt) gave me code. Now I think, what would have happened, and where would I be, had I not gotten a journal? If I hadn't spent all of my time in the livejournal chat room on aol? Would I be alive? That is so weird to think about..because I know that a lot of that time I was really really depressed and had I not had a place to write and get it all out..hmm.

Today I was "sick" dad called around 12 about to pick me up to take me to go look at cars in Colorado Springs (where the Phil Winslow BMW dealership thing is) and I guess he was trying out a 7 series and telling me how the gps is a lot better on it than the 5 series. I of course didn't go to the springs. And slept the rest of the day after a long night.

The craziest thing in the whole world is being asleep, dreaming about something, and waking up to find that the same thing that was happening in your dream is happening while you are awake now. Sooo trippy. I can't even explain how weird and cool it was.

Today I was talking to someone, about something, that most people, girls, my age don't realize, but are sure that they do. So knowing that I really do know, and can see that I know, but trying to explain this to someone else just doesn't work. I read what I am writing and just shake my head and laugh at how stupid I sound. I guess it is one of those things you just know.

Bubble bath time! I think I am going to go find some of my old bath toys. How exciting.
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