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A thousand miles

So my mom and I were suppose to go to this new gym she got a membership to at 5:30. I was going to stay awake all night, because I had slept all day, but of course that didn't happen. My mom has been setting her alarm for 3 AM to come into my room and check if I am here -sigh-. So anyhow. She wakes me up at 5:15, asking if I want to go, hinting that she didn't want to. I was too tired to understand exactly what was going on, and was mumbling. She decided to go back to bed. How annoying. She has no motivation. I am doing this cabbage soup thing with her because she can't seem to do it on her own. It really isn't bad at all. You make this cabbage soup, which you are "allowed" to have as much of as you want, and each day there is a "plan". Day 1, (today) is "fruit" day, and you can have all the fruit you want other than bananas. Day 2 is vegetable day. Day 3 is fruit AND vegetable day. Day 4 is "banana" day, where you are allowed 8 bananas and I think about 1 cup of skim milk. Day 5 is just soup day, Day 6 is either rice or steak day I forget. Anyhow. Not bad at all. Fruit is fairly high in calories, as is rice. But the soup cleans you out.

I am currently doing English as a subject for school. There has been a lot of writing. Janet has been pissing me off, suggesting I join this creative writing club because of my "talent" for writing. I was would I want to do something like that and get no credit? Plus, having people read my writing..yuck. Writing in a journal is so much different. I could care less about what people think when they read it. I do this for myself. But something like Nah.

Ok so here I am, dancing around half naked in my room, singing along with the Kimpossible song, which I downloaded because I am a loser, and my brother walks in, gives me this sort of annoyed, shocked look, and shuts my door. I was like HOLY SHIT where did you come from! Apparently he had stayed home from school sick. I fucking hate that no one tells me this.

I was in the PR suicide last night and this guy I was talking to came in. It was the most hilarious conversation. We were talking about masturbation, sex, foreplay, all that good stuff, and this girl and I were talking about how most girls cannot orgasm during sex, or even usually with a guy. The guys were all "oh yeah well that's because they have been with the wrong guy" blah blah. Haha fucking hilarious. We were like...yeah too bad most likely all of the girls you have been with have faked it. I use to not be able to during sex or anything. It is kind of a mental thing though too. I can now =D But yeah. Funny stuff.

Well my brother being home pretty much ruins my day and any plans I had. Grr.
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