Amy (abstinence) wrote,

One time, at cheer camp...

Ok this is the second time in 2 days that I have had the living shit scared out of me, the exact same way, two totally different people.

At John's I was in the bathroom the other day and (it is what, 5 am) I open the door and he is standing RIGHT there and I screamed. Totally scared me to death. So then today, I wake up from my nap, decide to pull myself out of bed and go downstairs, unlock and open the door, and my brother is standing RIGHT there holding the up the phone. Again, I screamed. Totally bitched him out. He was tickled by the whole thing. Poor Blake on the phone was ear..yeah. Anyhow..

So speaking of shit, I remembered something from cheer camp not this past summer, the one before. We were having this little "squad bonding" time where you all had to make a machine, using everyone. How original, we made a typewriter. In the middle of all of this, Ashley, walks up to us and was totally cracking up, like literally in tears laughing, and is like "Look at my head" and some bird had totally taken a major shit on her head. It was so hilarious. She had to go into the bathroom in the main CU school building thing and she washed her hair with handsoap. Haha. It was so funny. You kindof had to be there.
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