Amy (abstinence) wrote,

Today was pretty dull. I woke up and 2 minutes later my dad came in and sat on me and was talking. I hate when he does that. I mean I just woke up, so you can't expect me to be totally cheerful and responsive, but he does for some reason and gets all pissed off when I am not talking and yeah. Grr. So that put me in a bad mood. We went and played soccer and kickball. Zzz. I hate ball sports. Since then I have been cold and icky feeling and looking. Blah. And tomorrow is Mother's Day. We didn't get my mom anything yet. I suppose we will pick up flowers or something.

My dad and his girlfriend are really starting to piss me off. Every girl he has had a serious relationship since my mom..Libby..Bette..Jenn..then Lisa. I think that's all. Yeah. Jenn I don't think counted, or to me at least, because she was 28 and married. I think she was probably in it for the money. Libby was incredibly gorgeous, fake boobs, 2 kids, mid 30's. Bette was cute, 5'0. But he called each of them "beautiful"...Like that was each of their nicknames...he answers the phone "Hi beautiful!" And yeah. That irritates me. Not that that is what he chose to call them, just that it is the same for each of them.

They were upstairs fucking again tonight, with their loud ass salsa music on. Seriously. I hate being down here, feeling the whole house shake, listening to sex noises that travel through the vents. I want to have someone here, and be fucking, and scream for a few hours, just to show them how uncomfortable and rude it is.

I think I am going to fast next week. I wouldn't mind a fasting buddy if anyone is interested. E mail me if you are or whatever.
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