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So I am really bored. Lisa hooked up dsl here at my dad's so everything is all fast. I love it. I was playing with my webcam. See below. My dad was like...Amy why are you wearing a sock on your arm..hahaha I was like uhh I fell in a bush chasing the cat. Phew.

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By the way...I <3 John
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you are so beautiful amy!
Aw thanks hun<3
Purrrdy....btw, who's John?
<3 my boyfriend..who I met through live journal..but IRL =D
What does IRL mean? ::confused::
Lol I love you, you are too cute. It means "In real life"
So Pretty Amy.
Thank you Erin<3 I like your icon btw. I have been meaning to tell you that, lol =]
You're welcome ;] <3 And thank you. It matched my journal. -looks away- lol. ;]